Training Classes

Add-on to your personalized experience with our group fitness classes running through Summer 2021. Sign up for unlimited attendance for and additional $99/month or grab 5 classes for $75. Join us anytime to try a class!

Strength & Conditioning

60-minute Class

Wednesdays 7:00 PM

Saturdays 9:00 AM

A strength training focused class that explores all realms of fitness from weight training to barbel lifting. Jump boxes, swing kettlebells, battle with ropes and other conditioning exposure will be part of the class.

Total Body & Weight Loss

60-minute Class

Mondays 7:00AM

Tuesdays 7:00 AM

Get a total body workout with weight training that focuses on the improvement of lifting mechanics and provides conditioning exposure for increased weight loss.

Cardo & Core

Returning Fall 2021

This is a fast-paced class that literally has no breaks! Keep it moving as you're guided through a series of dynamic mobility drills, core exercises, and movement designed to increase your work capacity.

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