Personalized Health + Fitness

A hybrid gym facility and health clinic for all your well-being needs.


Worry-Free Gym Access

We’re a neighborhood gym and hybrid treatment facility in Seattle’s Central District. In addition to offering a worry-free monthly gym membership, we have onsite chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, manual and exercise rehabilitation for members and clients to enjoy.


If you’re set on a simple, all-access gym to hit between work and home, OR if you’d like to personalize your own health and well-being goals, PH&F is the right spot to begin.

Quick tours and walk-ins welcome!

Accident + Injury Care

In addition to offering monthly gym memberships, our injury care clinic offers a variety of onsite services including chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic massage, and movement rehabilitation.


We're commited to providing a full range of support for our clients through injury prevention, exercise therapy,  knoweldgable training and personalized health. 

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About the Facility

Our 8,500 sqare-foot facility is equipped for a variety of needs, whether you're a novice or athlete. We take public health seriously and follow all state and federal guideance for COVID-19 safety

The gym provides members access to barbells, kettlebelles, cable machines, bikes, rowing, treadmills, plate loaders, olympic and deadlift platforms, and a turf area with bands, medicine and yoga balls for all types of movement and flexibility exercise. 

Quick tours + walk-ins welcome!